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Mexico City has been the capital of Central America for over 500 years. During Aztec times, it was a wonder of the world, and the center of a great empire. Unfortunately, the city’s modern problems tend to conceal its glories from its visitors. There are simply too many people, cars, and factories producing too much pollution and smog and using its dwindling resources too fast. Nevertheless, a little touristic adventurousness will be repaid in full. Beneath the grime Mexico City has incredible cultural resources that most visitors barely tap.

Mexico City tourism never fails to surprise its visitors and has always something to offer. You can find great tourist attractions, world-class museums, sightseeing, things to do and see. Start at the Zocalo, one of the great plazas of the world and the focal point of the Mexican nation. Two of the country’s most powerful institutions – the Presidency and the Catholic Church, symbolized by the magnificent National Cathedral – line the plaza. A few steps to the north is the ancient center of the Aztec universe, the Templo Mayor (Great Temple) which housed the statues of the gods Tlaloc and Huitzilopochtli, the main Aztec deities. The Zocalo and the surrounding blocks make up the Centro Historico, a zone of fine old colonial palaces and churches, many built on Aztec foundations. Remnants of the ancient civilization saturate the city, especially at the Templo Mayor site and Anthropological Museum at Chapultepec Park.

The achievements of modern Mexico may be seen in the incredible murals sprinkled all over the city, in Chapultepec’s modern art gallery and the Carrillo Gil museum in San Angel and in the sprawling University City. For entertainment the choices are endless: bullfights, lucha libre (professional wrestling), boxing, movies, theater, nightclubs, concerts, burlesque shows, dance halls and, best of all, the joyous anarchy of the Plaza Garibaldi at night. Mexico has been a shopper’s paradise since the Aztec era; their legacy lives on in the vast markets of La Merced. There are dozens of excellent stores here; the Zona Rosa is a glitzy, Americanized shopping mecca, and the outskirts are home to huge malls like Perisur and Plaza Satelite. And don’t forget to eat! Despite its reputation, most of Mexico City’s better restaurants are safe and the dishes they produce are the finest Mexican food in the world. 

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