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If there is a heartbeat to Florida, it is almost certainly provided by the Latin-flavoured sights, sounds and tastes of its biggest and most vibrant city. Not so much a place to visit as an experience in hip urban culture, Miami is a melting pot of Floridian, Caribbean and South American chîc.

Located at the extreme south-east of Florida, with its one hundred kilometers of beaches facing the Caribbean, Miami is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. Each year, 10 million visitors come to enjoy the incomparable atmosphere. Second most populous city in Florida after Jacksonville, Miami is a financial and cultural center and a cosmopolitan city. Indeed, if you go to Miami, Spanish is essential, as they speak almost everywhere in the city, including "Little Havana", the famous neighborhood Cuban city.

Miami is the city of appearance. Big cars, music, buildings at the waterfront, everything is festive and glittering! There is a multitude of tourist sites to discover at the time of your visit to Miami. Among them, the Brickell Avenue, known as the street of millionaires with its residential homes of nineteenth century, and Coral Gable, a beautiful neighborhood set in Mediterranean style among the Palm trees. Also go to Miami Beach, the first site of American entertainment. Miami offers many activities to its visitors. Water sports and golf are very popular. You can also relax in one of its parks such as Everglades National Park or lounge on the one of the Miami Beach.

You will also have the possibility to discover many museums, notably the Miami Art Museum or the Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach, a world famous sculpture garden Memorial. It is also worth visiting very animated Little Havana (Cuban neighborhood of the Miami), or the Art Deco District which are the part of the essential places of the city.

It boasts great shopping, sensational dining, original entertainment – and a salsa-tinged nightlife that is second to none. The party crowd can be found in great numbers here, but it is also fun just to hang out in Art Deco South Beach and enjoy being one of the ‘in’ crowd for a while. For the shopping, you can go to Bal Harbour Shops or to Bayside Marketplace. For the good deals, go to the Sawgrass Mills Factory Discount Mall. Situated to 40 km to the north, this place offers a wide choice of clothing on discount. To party: have no fear! Miami has a very animated night life, there are numerous clubs. The art deco neighborhood of South Beach offers a wide choice of discos frequented by a lot of fame. The Space, The Soho Lounge, the Oxygen Lounge, the Mansion are the places to discover if you wish to party! The Bars of the city center are also good but calmer, and perfect if you wish to dance to the sound of the salsa!

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