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Las Vegas at NightLas Vegas has often been described as 'the Entertainment Capital Of The World'. A gambling and entertainment oasis and a giant fun city with the largest adult playground in the world. It is situated in the middle of Mojave desert landscape of southern Nevada. The city has the world's largest casinos and hotels, created, named and decorated with an art of fantasy evoking romance and secret.

The city's history also seems rather unlikely; the city has developed into the world centre for entertainment and hostelry in the space of a few decades. Who would have thought a century ago that this desert station where little more than a few transients would stop off, would grow into one of the most splendid, glitzy metropolises in the world in the non-too-distant future? The city began to prosper after gambling was legalised in Nevada in 1935. Las Vegas soon became an entertainment centre for adults, where anything seemed to be allowed. Even today, Las Vegas has been unable to shake off its nickname of Sin City. In recent years, however, this 'sink of iniquity' has became more family-friendly, gained a considerable cultural scene and other branches in the business world such as banks and software firms have relocated here. Ideal for visiting and toting a reasonable cost of living for permanent residents, rental charges for apartments, and cars remains low in contrast to other major cities throughout the country.

As always, however, what is most fascinating to visitors is what it is possible to do with a lot of money. In Las Vegas, one may stroll past the Eiffel Tower, Roman palaces and Egyptian pyramids and, with the millions of lights, the nights are as bright as the days. Las Vegas knows no sentimental attachment: whatever is not financially beneficial or is unattractive is torn down and rebuilt in a more splendid style - all to the amazement and enjoyment of visitors.

Providing a pleasant balance to the seated activities of gambling or of the spectating of shows and revues, Las Vegas offers an impressive sporting programme. Alongside tennis, golf is especially popular, and various fabulous courses are available to enthusiasts of the sport. The majority of hotel-owned golf courses are also open to non-residents, although hotel guests will often pay a little less in way of fees. If a drive is not out of the question, then visitors may take advantage of the excellent courses that are situated out of the city, for example, the Las Vegas Paiute Resort or the Legacy Golf Course in the suburb of Henderson, which counts among the hundred best golf courses in the USA. Nature lovers will be able to find countless perfect routes for hiking and cycling in the surrounding area, and the Red Rock Canyon is considered the best area for mountaineering in the west of the United States.

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