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All the things happen here in New York City, what you can imagine or cannot. It is a major center for media, fashion, art, culture, food, finance, trade and research. It is home of world-class museums, buildings, statues, theatre, architecture and the shopping centers with endless possibilities. New York City itself is like a small universe, and is a perfect vacation place.

It’s simply not possible to say you’ve seen America yet never been to New York. In many ways, the Big Apple IS America, a microcosm of the country itself in a raging mega-metropolis that is definitely one of a kind.

Even if you have never been here before there is something utterly unmistakeable about that city skyline, crowded with skyscrapers and other tower blocks straight out of the movie world. New York is larger than life, 24 hours a day - and full-on entertainment in every sense.

Just to begin with, it has more attention-grabbing, must-see sights than just about anywhere you care to mention. From the Empire State Building to the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park, and the Staten Island Ferry to the iconic New York subway, it is a photographer’s dream and a tourist’s delight. You just can’t fail to encounter a well-known monument at almost every turn.

Then you get into the meat of the city: the dazzling array of museums, galleries and gardens; the theatres and cinemas of Broadway; the sensational shopping of 5th Avenue; and the culinary wonderland of the dining opportunities. Truly, this is foodie heaven, and if nothing else, you should treat yourself to a meal at the Russian Tea Room or the 21 Club.

And then there is the sport - New York LOVES its sport. From basketball to baseball and through American football to ice hockey, sport helps to define this city, and you simply have to sample a game at Yankee Stadium or Madison Square Garden to get a true feel for the native New Yorker. Reserved it ain’t!

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