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The city was founded by Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen in August 1836. They bought 27 km² of land along Buffalo Bayou with an intention of founding a city. Today, this is the city of Houston in Texas. Houston is the 4th largest city of the United States and the largest city of Texas. It may seem cold and putting-off for tourists, but if you give some time to this huge modern city, you can pleasantly enjoy its charm.

3rd U.S. ports, Houston is only northwest of the Gulf of Mexico and its sunny beaches. The city is surrounded by meadows to the west, the forest to the north and by cultures in the south. But the city itself is definitely lively. Houston is designed for cars and you spend much of your time in the car if you want to visit the entire city. Traffic jams are frequent despite the impressive road network and gigantic interchanges. The city was also cut in half; Interstate Highway 610, called "The Loop", encircles the city center, consisting of buildings and offices of all kinds. Houston has some monumental buildings: the One Shell Plaza - 218m, Williams Tower - 274 m and the JPMorgan Chase Tower of Houston - 305 m.

Around the Old Market Square and Sam Houston Park, you can admire beautiful buildings of the nineteenth century. It is even a shopping street in the time: the Long Row. If you are looking for other warm places like these, take a walk in both Chinatown in the city as well as Trader Village, a huge market with over 600 merchants where all kinds of items are offered.

Do not miss: the Lyndon B.Johnson Space Center. Lovers of space may participate in multiple events like touching a lunar stone, watch astronauts train or visit the scenes of NASA.

Houston also has the largest indoor stadium in the world, the Astrodome. If you're in Texas in February, here you'll have the opportunity to attend the largest rodeo in the world.

Moreover, in winter, the climate is more bearable. In summer, temperatures range between 35 and 45 ° C! And the air is extremely humid. Do not forget to rent a car with air-condition!

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