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When people think of Argentina, they think of Patagonia, beef, Tierra del Fuego, wine, passion, soccer, and of course, tango. Iconic as these images are, there's also a lot more to the country. From the ecologically eclectic Parque Nacional Iguazú in the north, to the crackling, roaring ominous encroach of the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina's south, the country's myriad attractions are mind boggling. Argentina contains some of the world's highest mountains, many surpassing 6000 meters. It is also home to the massive ice fields in Patagonia, wetlands that compare to Pantanal in Brazil, a tropical wilderness called the Impenetrable, cool and misty lichen-filled Valdivian forests, salt flats, deserts, glacial tarns, a magnificent Lake District, flamingos, penguins, caimans, the hippopotamus-like capybara, anteaters, and spectacular bird life that attracts bird watchers from all over the world. Argentina also has a cultural climate buzzing with heated discussion and creative and passionate fervor. Argentina culture is colorful, and as varied as the country's geography.

Stretching 3500 kilometers from Bolivia all the way to the bottom tip of South America, Argentina — roughly the same size as India — covers a vast swath of climates and geography. Outdoor adventurists can climb the continent's highest peak, hike the Patagonian steppes, wander amongst throngs of curious boisterous penguins, or trek to one of the world's truly great waterfalls. With its glacier-carved formations and immense stretches of open green pastures, Patagonia alone will keep you enthralled for weeks. For urbanites, Buenos Aires is one of those cities that never sleeps, full of invigorating nightlife, energetic soccer matches, cafes, and all manner of dance. Celebrating its bicentennial in 2010 — two hundred years of independence — Argentina is proud of its many newly refurbished museums and buildings now ready for visitors, and it dozens of exciting celebrations planned for the year. And best of all, Argentina is extremely affordable, safe, and exceedingly friendly.

One of Argentina's prettiest villages is also a mountain climbing mecca. Climbers from the world over come to El Chaltén to try their luck at summiting Cerro Fitz Roy and other nearby peaks. Hikers come to the village for the numerous trails leading from town into the snowcapped ranges which also have campsites. Make sure you pack for all sorts of weather, however, as it can get cool and rainy at times.

Another favorite is a trip to the south to see Glaciar Perito Moreno, one of the world's most accessible ice fields. Not only is the glacier an impressively awesome sight, it's also a noisy one as gargantuan icebergs on the face of the glacier collapse straight into Canal de los Tempanos. From high up on catwalks, you can watch, listen and take photos of the glacier as its house-sized chunks crash down into the water. The glacier changes its appearance as the day goes by, with the sun casting shadows and light, turning the glacier pink and orange, especially at dawn.

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